2560x1440 on 1920x1080 display works!!??

just tried creating a custom resolution of 2560x1440 on my AOC i2352VH ips 1920x1080 display in the nvidia control panel and it works?? i thought the custom resolutions would only work for changing resolutions between say 16:9 and 16:10, how is it able to improve my monitor?? i have no borders or anything, it just works???
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  1. It works in a way your graphics card is sending 2560x1440 resolution to your monitor, but not in a way your monitor can display it. Read this:
  2. so what is it actually displaying then? it is definitely sharper and switched to 16:10 now, everything is smaller, the games look clearer, it looks alot like 2560x1440.
  3. It's just optical illusion. It still displays 1920x1080 as it CANNOT display anything other than that physically. If you took a photo of your screen at both resolutions and zoom it in, you'll see the pixels are the exact same size.

    P. S. 2560x1440 is 16:9. It's 16:10 equivalent is 2560x1600.
  4. yeah, i figured it couldnt do more than it is capable of lol... , so why would it resize everything smaller then?? and i still dont get how it looks better lol. and it definitely does. and its made my framerate slower.

    p.s i was asking about graphics cards last night lol and you helped me out there, jus thought i would update you that i have decided to scrap the 7870 idea and go with nvidia again and get a 670.
  5. I see, nice choice!

    Anyway, resize happens because program graphics are designed to have AxB pixels. At higher resolutions, pixels are smaller, that's why everything's become smaller. I don't know why it looks better, but it slows framerate because your graphics card thinks it's doing 2560x1440, and it actually does that, just the monitor cannot display it all and downscales it back to 1920x1080.
  6. i see, makes sense. might have to invest in a 2560x 1440 monitor if pretend 2560x 1440 looks so good to me lol! switched back now as it all must have been a placebo effect, obviously by what your saying, the graphics card was just working harder, for no gain, except everything was tiny lol. thanks.
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  8. Glad I helped :).
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