My Computer Shuts Off While Playing Games

Hello, I have been having this problem where my computer shuts off while playing games that you need a better computer to run. I recently bought a GTX 550Ti GPU and a 700W Power Supply. I'm not sure what the issue is but if anyone could help I would be real appreciative.
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  1. The question is, did you buy a quality branded 700W power supply, or just buy one for £20 or £30 pounds thinking it would do. Please list the brand name of the PSU.
    More than likely a cheap PSU, over rated and no where near what it says in wattage or amp output to the 12v power rails.
  2. Reset the bios and have the ram cards placed correctly, generally 2nd and 4th for two cards. Also make sure that you have made the right settings in memory timings and voltage
    If all fails try updating your bios.
  3. It's probably the PSU if you bought a cheap one as they can't actually give 700w of power causing shutdown under load
  4. That's the PSU I bought. I figured that an 80$ PSU would be fine. Are you sure it couldn't be a heat issue?
  5. Not a brand i've ever heard of but someone here may know different.
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