How much power does an ASUS 19vDC power brick provide

Good day all. Newbie here and my first POST. Need some assistance. I have an ASUS LT that is six months old. Began getting Kernel-Power errors event id 41, Task 63. Part of the 'FIX' is to check the power supply. I plugged in the19vDC power brick and without a load on the brick, my meter read 18.6vDC. Logically thinking, one would think that the output voltage would be MORE than 19vDC since there is no load. Is there an acceptable threshold for the brick, +/- vDC? Do I need to replace the brick?
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  1. What are the Amp specs. at 19Vdc ?
    Does it meet the Amp specs. ?
    -0.5V is not a huge variance and might be normal.
  2. What is your ASUS Notebook's model number?

    Some of the ASUS gaming notebooks use a 19VDC, 180W Power Adapter.

    Some of the ASUS Ultrabooks use a 19VDC, 65W Power Adapter.

    You can use a power adapter that has a higher output wattage rating than your current one but don't use one with a lower output wattage because it won't work.
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