Upgrading from a nvidia 9600gt OC questions about cards

Ok so my old hp died after 5 years or so and Ive had this nvidia 9600gt OC from the factory. I used to play wow and a few other games.
I bought this barebones kit:

Now Im looking at:

Ive came to these two from reading a bunch of stuff on here. Im wanting to play maybe diablo 3, the old republic, and I dont know what else. I use my xbox for gaming mostly just games that are pc only I may want to play. I have a HP 20" monitor that is 1440x900. I will be using this monitor and maybe upgrading but I dont know yet. Which one of these two cards would you reccomend or should I keep my old nvidia? I will be surfing the net and doing some other basic things nothing really intensive on this computer. So I wont overclock the system or anything like that. I have a 1tb external and a 560gb internal or a 320gb internal to go along with that SSD.

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  1. I'd give the old card a run and then see. 1440x900 is not too hard to handle.

    If not, then go with the 6790.

    If you wanted to try some more cutting edge stuff and enjoy some of that eye candy that is out there, gun for a 7850. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131473
  2. So I've been looking at upgrading my monitor as well if I get a 23" monitor that is 1600x900 or higher will that change your recommendations? I may not upgrade but seeing some good deals on 23" out there.
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