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Recently I've been trying out a few online games to play with friends and it comes to my attention that my on board graphics card is the reason for the crashes/malfunctions towards most of the games. So I need to upgrade but I'm wondering if it's even possible. It seems small form factor p.c.'s are a bad choice for gaming period. (At least from what people are telling me)

I know nothing about which card I need or a fair price for which model so help is really needed. If anyone could provide me with some assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Online games are generally not very graphics heavy and don't need a good graphics card. Your crashes are probably due to something else. I have the exact same computer right now so I could try out the games you are having trouble with if you tell us what they are.

    If you still would like to upgrade, the Radeon 6670 GDDR5 low profile cards are the best you can put in your system and it costs about $100. But there are cheaper ones as well.
  2. HD 7750 Low Profile Is the Best Choice For Gaming And For About 100$
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