First Time Builder :(

Hello people of the interwebs.
After being on a macbook for 4 years, I think it's time to move back to windows and build my own computer. The main uses of the computer are for the occasionally gaming, video and photo editing, programming and just browsing. These are the parts that I've selected so far since my budget was about $2000. I just wanted a couple tips and opinions on this build, whether all these parts are compatible are not. I dont want to screw up hahaa. I really just aimed for a kinda future proof computer that I can stay with for a long time. I didn't really want to move to a 2011 mobo.

Part List

Help is much appreciated! :lol:
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  1. i'd look at a samsung 830 SSD, not sure about that sandisk . . you really do not need more than a 650 watt PSU but no harm in what you picked. and that 570 is out of stcok, you could get by with a less expensive one but stick with nVidia 5xx series for the cuda support from the fermi gpus.

    overall you got the right idea though.
  2. Buy it, wait change the GTX 570 to a GTX 670 and your good! So

    -Change 570 to 670
    -BUY IT!!
  3. Rockdpm said:
    Buy it, wait change the GTX 570 to a GTX 670 and your good! So

    -Change 570 to 670
    -BUY IT!!

    kepler cards do not do well for video editing . .gaming yes, professional usage no.
  4. Yea thats understandable... Well in that case get a 1.5GB 580... the little bit of extra vram helps out. Also he can use his 3770k which has hyper threading to do video editing...
  5. Thanks alot for the replies, I might keep the 750w psu incase I want to expand in the future. I'm not gonna do professional video editing just the occasional for projects, not any extreme rendering. But it still is a viable option. I'll look into the 670/480 if I can afford the $100+ more
  6. i meant 580 not 480... But yea the 670 is worth the 100$ more and if you only do minor video edit for projects.. You will love Kepler for the gaming... I know i do
  7. yeah I think i will go for the 670, it seems like a good value and since it was just released in may. Is 750w still enough? or is it overkill? I might just go down to 650w
  8. If you ever play to get two 670's a 750 watt will be recommended. If you dont want two gpus and arent gonna get a whole bunch of hard drives. 650 watts will be plenty
  9. One question Why an i7?
  10. I7 has hyper threading which helps out tremendously in video rendering
  11. But how much Video Rendering? like hobbyist... 1 or 2 hours at a time, if that is the case id say i5 3570k OC'ed to 4.4ghz with the liquid cooling
  12. yeah I also do alot of programming such as software and game development so I think hyper threading would be an advantage.
    btw what temperatures do you get with your evga gtx 670 on idle and load?
  13. Well thats his benchmakrs but for me, it depends on the game. With Battlefield 3 i get around 64c if its not overclocked. and my idle temps are around 31 with my side panel off and 34-37 with the side panel on... I also have benched Metro 2033, Bad Company 2 and a few others if youd like to know what kind of frames i get
  14. yeah i think those are reference cards, yeah i was scared that i was going to get extremely high temperatures with the evga gtx 670, thanks alot
  15. Nah, i have the reference model and don't have issues keeping it cool at all. In fact right now its idling at 32C
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