Upgrading PSU Need Help

Hi, I want to upgrade my generic PSU because i want to upgrade my graphics card. I have some questions and also please help me choose.

I have This mobo ECS Elitegroup G31t-M7(v7.0) link: http://www.ecs.com.tw/ecswebsite/product/product_detail.aspx?detailid=1081&categoryid=1&detailname=feature&menuid=16&lanid=9

will these PSU's work with my mobo?

1. Corsair VX550 550watts 80plus(True Rated) @ 65USD
link: http://dynaquestpc.com/index.php/components-2/power-supplies/500-560-watts/corsair-vx550-550-watts-80plus-true-rated-power-supply-psu.html

2. Seasonic 520w S12II-520 80Plus Bronze @ 66USD
link: http://dynaquestpc.com/index.php/components-2/power-supplies/500-560-watts/seasonic-520w-s12ii520-s12ii-620-80plus-bronze-psu-power-supply-watts.html

so what's the best psu on the list? and are they compatible to my mobo?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. either one would be fine, pick whichever is cheaper. and what graphics card are you getting?
  2. on second thought, seasonic would probly be better
  3. computernoob29 said:
    on second thought, seasonic would probly be better

    i am still choosing over these cards:

    1. Palit GTS 450 Sonic Platinum

    2. EVGA GTX 460

    3.Palit GTX 550-Ti

    4. Palit GTX 650-Ti

    5. ASUS HD 7770

    then i will take the seasonic supply.

    what do you think will be the best choice out of these cards?
  4. Instead of the 650 Ti, try getting the 7850 if possible. 650 Ti is the best performing out of your list, but it's not priced too generously.
  5. Here's a review for the Seasonic


    and here's a forum for the corsair.


    both of them are good.
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