1600 mhz vs 1333mhz

:hello: want to know the difference bw 1600 mhz ram and 1333mhz ram i m using 2x 4gb 1333mhz and one 1600 mhz ram =
12 gb ram i want to know will upgrading to 1600mhz from 1333mhz will improve my system performance + gaming fps too or may be not :hello:
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  1. it won't be much if any.
  2. There will be a very small difference in performance. I'd stay stick with multiple sticks of RAM.

    There would be almost no fps improvement going from 1333 to 1600mhz
  3. No appreciable difference in performance. You'd probably have to run a synthetic benchmark in order to see the difference in performance, and even then it would be slight.

    As said above, just stick with dual channeled 1333MHz RAM. If you want to improve your framerates, odds are you will need a better graphics card. A new CPU may also help if you have a very slow CPU or are playing a very CPU heavy game.
  4. i have fx 8150 and gtx 570 too
  5. u will see no improvement
  6. The RAM speeds are not worth it sometimes. Most perfomance that you can see with the speed of the RAM is when you are comparing something like 1333 and 2133 RAM. I would buy more RAM and not faster RAM if you can. Get the faster RAM if it's the same price (or less (of course)).
  7. i want to ask one more question too i have thermalright silver arrowand im confusing
    bw fan control system it both fan have 4pin power connector to mobo too but im curious about one i connected to 4 pin and other is connected to 3 pin is there any difference because i check that my 4 pin fan is running slow then 3 pin power connector so should i place both fans in 4 pin or leave it as it is
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