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What happened to my PSU?


I think my PSU had a bit of a short circuit, but everything booted up fine afterwards.

It started with a 5-10 minute power outage while I was asleep. When I got up I sat down at my computer, half asleep, and hit the power. Nothing happened. That kind of thing scares you awake pretty fast. I check all the power outlets and the surge suppressor, and everything seems okay, so I get on my laptop and start reading about power outages and power supplies. I go back and make sure there's power going to the PSU, turning the surge suppressor on and off, the PSU on and off, make sure the voltage is set correctly, and nothing. So I shut off the PSU before I open up the case and check all the connections. Everything seems fine. I flip the power switch on the PSU, and now I'm suddenly getting green lights from the mobo and GPU. Upon turning the computer on, there was a pop and a puff of smoke from the PSU, followed by a peculiar scent. I wouldn't describe it as burning or the like, more like the smell when you first open a box of components. My computer booted up just as fast as it normally does, but I shut it off as soon as I get to the log in screen.

It's been a few days, and I'm waiting on a new PSU to arrive, but I can't help but wonder if buying a new one was necessary. Can anyone tell me what happened, why my comp booted up, and if I really need a new PSU?
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    I would say a capacitor has blown or similar. A puff of smoke from a PSU is never a good sign and is reason to replace even if it's working just for safety reasons.
  2. Buy a new one be safe ! the old one has died, and you dont want to die because of it as well do you. Be safe, and well.
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