How to disable the intregrated hd4000 graphics

I just got my new laptop, the clevo p170em from prostar. I've installed windows 7 ultimate and all of the drivers but the integrated graphics likes to run instead of the hd 7970m i have under the hood. how do i stop the integrated graphics from taking over?
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  1. Laptop with integrated & discrete cards combination are designed to work alternately depending on the workload. If you are just using for normal productivity or browsing, the integrated will take over to save battery life. But when you start putting heavy load on graphics, the 7970m should take over. It should be automatic & user does not need to interfere.

    If you use AMD discrete graphics, it is called Dynamic Switchable Graphics.
    If you use the nVidia version, it is called the Optimus Technology.

    Here is good reading:
  2. Check the front end of your laptop for a physical switch to swap between the two graphics cards. By default it's set to the integrated card. Give it a flick and hey presto! you'll be working off of 7970m.

    If you are having difficulty finding it - check your manual for the main diagram of your laptop. Where it lists power button and ports and what not there should be something saying switchable graphics button of something along those lines.

    If your laptop does not have this, then you should be able to make the change through the BIOS. Simply select the 7970 through that.

    It is one or the other.
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