Need a new PC and am too lazy to build myself.

Ive had a Lenovo laptop for almost 3 years now, and its starting to break down. I really have no interest in building my own computer and would like to spend $800 or less. I dont plan on gaming, except maybe GTA: Vice City when it goes on sale on steam, or maybe Blood Bowl. Mostly i just surf the internet and download tv shows and sometimes movies. I stream through my PS3 but would not mind having an HDMI out in case the PS3 ever breaks or i want to sell it. The lenovo i have was not able to use its hdmi port because it has a crappy discrete graphics card. I would like that to not be a problem. I dont care about anything on the outside at all. Just that it will run well for me for years, and be under $800. I thank you all for your help ahead of time.
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    something like this would be good. the gt 640 is usable for gaming (not amazing) and it has a hdmi output. or if you want to spend the money (which from your question you would rather not) this s a decent buy
  2. I actually ended up posting a sample build and got good feedback. If youd like to check it out and comment id greatly appreciate it still!!
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