7850 or 6950?

Hey guys. I've lately been asking about the 7970, but am looking at the 7850 and 6950 so i could save some dough :D. I saw goo reviews on the Sapphire 6950 but heard it wasn't good for oc'ing at all because it was revision 1.1 or something like that. But, some have apparently had success. But, i saw that the 7850 was about the same exact price and people are not having too much trouble oc'ing them AND they are the latest gen. I've seen benchmarks and they seem to be pretty friggen close. I'm looking to play BF3, SC2, Diablo 3, LOL, you know, most of the recent games :P. So, I'm just wondering which card would be best at stock speeds AND it's max oc. Also, which card would be best in crossfire. I'm gaming at 1920x1080. One more thing, could one of these cards handle eyefinity 1080p monitors at playable fps? Sorry for all the questions in one post. :)
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    HD 7850 should give you the same performance of HD 6970, HD 7850>HD 6950

    It will max out all the games you mentioned @ ultra 1080P.
    Eyefinity with HD 7850? :pfff:
    For Eyefinity with playable FPS @ high settings you need 2 hd 7970s In CF if you wanted to maintain playable FPS @ high settings.
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