How well will an Asus Radeon HD 6670 play games?

I'm hoping to be able to play most on high or ultra settings(people in reviews on Newegg and in videos have said its very well possible) with possibly tuning the settings down a bit. What do you guys think?
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  1. Depends on what games you are playing.

    But for most newer games.

    Medium will be best. High should run ok (playable fps with some drops). Ultra......No.
  2. no. you will NOT be able to play modern games on high. at BEST medium but prob LOW.

    you would need a 6870 or better to get high settings on new games
  3. I think you have to check each game on your system for your self. The card will let you tune up a lot of eye candy but some games are also cpu dependent and even if you have a very good cpu and lots of ram (64 assumed) it still depends on what is on your system. I built a system for a friend/client bench marked very high and ran everything super good when i gave it to him. Well 3 months later he says gee things seem slow is it broken. Nope it is a family PC with 5 people loading programs, deleting them without complete uninstalls and on and on. So reviews are good as a guide but it always comes down to your system. BTW you should test the games yourself. Some are not noticeably different at lower settings at all. This too is monitor and resolution dependent. On my 1980x1020 I can often back off the top settings with no degradation of image. This card is about the lowest cost performance card so do not expect it to be the same as one of the higher priced cards.
  4. See following for benchmarks. Note that the test rig uses an i7-920 @ 3.8GHz.
  5. A lot of reviewers on Newegg are idiots. Sorry, but its the truth. You won't hit ultra on new games with a 6670.
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