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Overheating issues?...

Hey all,

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to computers so you'll have to cut me some slack; just started getting into building rigs and whatnot. Just recently upgraded and moved my parts into a new case.

For whatever reason my computer shuts off after a few minutes (5 at tops). I've checked BIOS temperatures for my CPU and it says 85c even though I haven't run any programs. Here are my specs:

i7 960 stock
6 x 2gb ram hyper x
Gtx 670 ftw
Corsair tx 650
WD 750gb
Samsung 128 ssd
Haf 932 advanced

I used to have an Asetek 510 liquid cooler attached to my CPU but I feel like that shouldn't make a difference if my computer is idle/not booting to OS...To be fair, when I did have it attached, the computer wouldn't shut off but base temperatures were still high (idle ~55c, light use ~55-60, gaming 70+). Is it normal for an i7 to behave this way/have such high base temperatures and 2) does a liquid cooler, albeit a bad one, have such a dramatic impact on temperatures?

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  1. Really looks like it does not have enough cooling. Idle should be lower with a sufficient cooler.
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    You need to strip your cooler off the Cpu as it is likely you have fitted it wrong.
    If you are using a stock cooler, one that came with the cpu. first check you have removed and bit of paper that may cover the square coating of thermal paste applied to the bottom of the cpu cooler.
    Bad conatct between the Cpu heat spreader plate and the Heat sink with cause this so take it apart again and check its fitted right.
  3. also check in the mb bios that your not setting the cpu to over clock speed or over voltage..check with intel on the stock voltage for your cpu and see that the mb is setting the voltage right.
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