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Pretty much the best 120hz 3d monitor I think.


Case Question 1:
Should I bother with the 140mm fan for the bottom? Would it help temps a lot? I guess I should get it just to have it, its cheap.

Case Question 2:
Noise isnt a bit problem unless its crazy like the Delta fans make. Would 4 fans be better on the window door panel than the 230mm for cooling

Case Question 3:
Someone said use the door as Exhaust and not intake because it causes lower pressure therefore lower temperatures. Also the door does not have a dust filter, so it would dust up my nice case. Any thoughts?

Case Question 4:
Do you think the psu below would need a 4pin or 8pin extension for my setup? Read around its REALLY tall (obviously because its full tower, I wanted it large to not ever buy a tower again...) But are those psu cables long enough?

Question 4 above: Are the cables long enough to link to my thor v2? People say the GPU gets in the way of connecting the 8pin so you cant use cable management. Some PSU's barely reach even without using cable management. Will I need an extension? Link to one?

Should I get a different one? I would never run more than 2 670's if I even need to get a second one.

I want this cpu to go to 4.5ghz on air. Which cooler? Is the one below good enough?

CPU Fan:
Read as one of the better ones. Is the fan it comes with any good? should I add a second fan? Should the second fan be intake or exhaust. And would ONE Delta fan lower the temperatures AMAZINGLY? Enough to offset the extreme noise?

2x4gb memory. Dont think I would ever need 32gb so I chose 4x2gb because I can go with 4x4gb for 16gb ram if ever needed.

This one had the LEAST bad reviews for failure and most of them are 8 months or longer before failure. Should I stick with it?

GPU: GTX 670

I wanted to go for these two because they are 4gb, which should give me more room if I added a second one. Was this a good decision or is 2gb enough for just 2 670's? If the 2gb is enough then which 2gb GTX 670 runs coolest? Not gonna overclock the gpu.

I know most people cant answer all the questions, but if you can answer one, quote it and answer it please. It's really appreciated.
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  1. 1. If you're spending $100+ on a PSU, get one from a good brand. Rosewill isn't terrible, but you can do much better for what you're spending. Look at Antec and Seasonic.

    2. Why the 2600k? No benefit to hyperthreading in gaming, which is all it offers over the 2500k. You're paying $70 for absolutely no benefit. If you want to get a better CPU than the 2500k, look at the 3570k. 5%-8% faster than the 2500k at any given clock speed.

    3. No reason to get a Z68 board. Z77 costs a few dollars more, offers better connectivity (more SATA III, USB 3.0, etc.) and PCIe 3.0.

    4. No benefit whatsoever to 16GB of memory over 8GB in gaming. Not even 0.0000000000001%.

    5. For playing video games your video card is what's important. Splurging on CPU and memory, but going for a two year old middle of the road video card is a huge mistake, to put it lightly. Swap your CPU for the 2500k or the 3570k, cut your memory back to 8 GB and put the savings into a better video card. If you can swing it, the GTX 670 is the best value right now, offering stellar performance at a reasonable price.
  2. Which cpu do you think would run cooler? 2500k or 3570k.
    You would assume the 3570k would run cooler since it is a 22nm die but I've read around that it runs hotter than a 2600k. Would that mean the 2500k would hop to 4.0 ghz slightly easier?
  3. I did a TON of research, and updated my build extensively. I would like some feedback on all the questions I added. It looked messy without the spoilers, so I added them to make viewing my huge blocks of text easier. Hope it isn't a bother.
  4. I posted a couple more questions in spoilers in my first post. So far none were answered yet
  5. Bump. I would still like some input before finallizing the build. Especially on which air cooler on an i5 2500k for 4.5ghz
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