Computer black screens, mostly gaming and sometimes youtube

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Iv dealt with this for a year now and its really starting to do my head in, on most games the screen goes black for a few seconds then returns to normal and it happens on youtube rarely.
iv stress tested my gpu which is a nvidia geforce 9600GS and it hits 80 c after 10 minutes which i think is reasonable so i dont think its that.
iv been trying to run crusader kings II and after one minute the screen goes to no signal but the audio continues and i have to restart, also when switching the computer on i have to press the power button ALOT! and all i can hear is it trying to start but failing within a second. :(
i should also put that my 9600gs was overheating to nearly 100 c but i cleaned the dust out and its went back to reasonable temps

sorry for the big essay but its best to post all the details i can think of so someone can help me :D
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  1. What is your reasonable temps? If it's been that hot for that long, it will start failing. I would advise below <70C
  2. thanks for the reply.
    well i ran MSI Kombuster and on idle it runs at 64C and when i do the stress test it goes to around 80
    also i just took one of my 2GB ram sticks out and the switching on issue seems to have gone mostly
  3. That's good. I don't know at what settings you play at, but you can lower the graphics settings it would further decrease the load on your graphics card. But, if you don't have problems as you stated then you should be fine.
  4. the graphics issue still persists i cant play any games without it either pausing to a black screen for a second then popping back up or just ending to a no signal screen and i have to restart. iv tried lowering the settings in games and iv also tried underclocking which doesnt work.
  5. What system do you have a laptop or desktop?

    If it is the 9600 GSO, try using another display port.
  6. its a desktop and its just GS
  7. Okay, try another display port.
  8. i only have a vga port on both card and monitor
  9. The only thing I can think of is the card may have been damaged possibly due to overheating.
  10. is there any way to check? because id hate to buy a new card and still have the issue.
  11. Try the card on another person's computer. If you have friends or family who can try out the card for you.
  12. hmm most of my friends use laptops so i guess ill try a budget card and post back with results

    thanks for the replies, much appreciated :)
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