Don't know what cpu is best for my needs. FX8350 or 3570K

I always see benchamarks showing intel 3570k winning hands down for gaming. I know this. But how about if there are a few other things happening while playing the game. At any one time I could have a blu ray playing on my second monitor, frapse recording, Skype running, etc. I do alot of multi tasking. So my question would be, while intel would win on individual benchmarks, does the advantage shift to the vishera in real world as im doing more and more things at the same time as gaming? I dont know of a benchmark that shows this. So I would appreciate any help or advice on the matter. My primary use would be gaming. I do ocasionally edit movies on sony vegas. I will be creating music in the near future with propellarhead reason 6.5 as well. So, FX8350 or 3570K for my needs?

Ps, If a thread like this already exists I apologize.
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  1. I vote for the 3570K. If you are worried it is not enough then you could step to the I7 3770K. Any way here is an interesting comparison.,3366.html
  2. Most games use 2 cores. The I5-3570K is great for most multi-tasking. Unless your are consistently going to run a lot of CPU-heavy tasks while gaming, the 3570K is the best option.

    Here's a quick snippet from an Amazon review of the 3570k:

    "I got this, and was playing Skyrim full screen with windows task manager, permformance tab, showing on my second screen. None of the 4 cores seemed stressed out and the game was silky smooth. I then played skyrim with a hd movie playing on my second screen and skyrim didn't skip a beat"

    And another one:

    "I've recently bought this CPU, upgraded from an e4500 @ 3GHz, and threw everything I could at it, installing programs + games (steam), running downloads, running furmark, playing a 1080p video and a full virus scan...*all at once* and it never even blinked!"

    I own one myself and it's great!

    Here's a link:
  3. Come on guys be honest, its a well known fact that the FX8350 has the edge in multi tasking.
  4. Not true. In multithreaded apps maybe. But In games, am on skype, 10 tabs of internet, hd movies and I have never encountered an issue and certainly not as slow as a 8350 is in gaming.
  5. This is all good stuff guys. I appreciate the fast response.
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