Core i5 2500k vs 3570k

They have almost the same price on newegg and mostly have the same performance.
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  1. get the 2550k if you can, 2xxxk series will overclock higher than the 3xxxk series. that is because intel for some reason used cheapter metal conductor on the cpu where the heatsink touches so they run hotter (bad for overclocking)
  2. The 3570k is slightly faster (not much) but the 2500k OCs better although the 3570k @ 4.4GHz is roughly the same as the 2500k @ 4.6-4.7GHz.

    Bottom line, the 3570k is the logical choice if both CPUs are the same price. Otherwise, whichever is cheaper.
  3. 3570k is more efficient and runs cooler. Although, as said before, it will not clock as high, but it will still OC quite well. I would go with the newest chip.
  4. Agree with newer chip and slightly lower OC (yet achieve the same performance at lower power consumption).
  5. Also, if you have a motherboard that supports it you will only get USB3 and PCI-E3 support with the 3570k. So unless you are going with extreme overclocking ability it's probably the better choice.
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