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I had a EVGA GTX 295 .. the fan stopped working and so did the card. I replaced it with a GTX 560 ti 448 classified. This new card doesn't seem as fast as the GTX 295. Should it be ? I see 295's on Ebay for $150 per and maybe should have done 2 of these and made them SLI and been way better off. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. the GTX 560 ti should be a faster card, have you completely wiped your drivers before switching? have you tried a windows re install?
  2. Actually the above poster is wrong, GTX 560 Ti 448 is slower than GTX 295. Remember, GTX 295 has two GPUs inside itself. Though GTX 560 Ti 448 supports DirectX 11, it's speed is lower.

    Check this:,review-32442-7.html
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