3 TV displaying x3 different videos using 1 PC

I apologize if this is not the correct section; i just dont exactly know where my question belongs;
okay, so.

I need to install 3 LED TV at the office lobby that displays 3 different videos for each; Source video will be coming from a 1 desktop PC inside a control room 50 meters away from the lobby.

I need something that can control display output for each TV

Should i install x3 50 meters of VGA cable and x3 50 meters audio cable for each TV?
All purchased LED TV's have ethernet port installed, can i use that to display audio/video feed by assigning IP for each TV?

What are other practical methods?
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  1. Do they have embedded PC's or are they just Screens?

    You might need a boosted or something to make VGA go that far.

    A GPU with 3 outputs is needed for something like that so Eyefinity or gtx 600 series.
  2. With the ethernet connections, would it be possible to point the tv to a file share, and play a video file?

    You may be able to get 720p video to run on HDMI at that distance.
  3. @Darth

    they are just standard TV no PC's embedded but typically most LED Smart TV's have ethernet port and built-in browsers.

    so i need a GPU that outputs HDMI for each of the TV screen;
    i figured that i need to have a software installed for the TV like VLC for it to run IP video.
    which the ones i got, doesn't.

    of course the most common and practical method is to stick a USB with a video file and just play it on loop. But, management wanted a more dynamic approach, to edit content for each TV display.

    any other ways?
  4. You need the embedded PC to do much dynamic stuff with them. Finding some way via HDMI to make the video go that far and have powerpoint or similar run is the best way I can think of.
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