Toshiba sattelite a665 downloads hardware radio switch is off windows 7

I have the same issue I have read in other posts - wireless communication is diabled, please turn on the wireless communication switch. I'd like to turn it back on and do not think I turned it off.
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  1. Only thing that sounded like a real "solution" i found in the Toshiba tech forums. Now from what i can tell A LOT of these models have those problem and this fix may or may not be permanent and may have to be repeated.

    PS- Please stop posting your question over and over, it will annoy people and you will not only NOT get faster help, you will get no help.

    Credit goes to the original poster antoni810

    I got Tech support a few weeks ago and for the most part the below will work. It may not continue to work but it lasted a week for me than the problem flared up again and the solution works again if you repeat it.

    The tech walked me through these steps:

    I click START





    Listed will be

    1 Intel

    2 microsoft

    3 realtech

    She than had me open up the MICROSOFT and delete it

    Than the Intel and delete that

    Don't worry ...when you now reboot they will both be restored

    It appears that the Toshiba software for the wireless conflicts with the Microsoft and by doing the above the TOSHIBA software becomes dominate again ..BUT ...I have found that in time ...they will conflict again.

    She told me that the Microsoft software is needed in some Microsoft programs but is not needed with your wireless network.

    Since the problem has re-occurred a few times , what I did today was follow the above steps but this time I just opened up the MICROSOFT and DISABLED that adapter. Rebooted (I think- i don't remember-can't hurt) and all is well.

    I'll try this awhile and see.
    Just remember that you have DISABLED the Microsoft adapter and in the future you need to remember how to ABLE it if ever needed.

    I know it's a lot but it will get you going until Toshiba ever comes up with a fix but seeing that it's been going on for a lot of years and a lots of models, they may never. As with all computer companies, they all feel the less OFFICIALLY said about a problem THE BETTER. They leave it to forums to do their work for them"
  2. What do you do if you accidentally deleted the driver software
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