Alright, I am trying to set up a new machine, and run into a problem I haven't had before. Insights will be most welcomed.

Setup is such:

3930x on a RIVE board
OS win-7 64 bit

Computer cannot finishing load OS during cold boot. Will ALWAYS stop at the logo. (repulicated many times)

however, if during cold boot, you pass by the BIOS, just get in, Save and exit, the system boots without any problems whatsoever. Also passes ALL stress tests, P95, SuperPi32M, IntelBurn, with no problem at all.

now this perplexes me.
what is it does a warm boot and cold boot not have in common?
why does passing the BIOS make the OS load when it otherwise won't?

experiements taking:

Normal reset start: No problem.

now COLD BOOT DOES work, when CPU multiplier is at 48. at 1.50V

so I thought, AH HA, Vcore problem.
BUT upping Vcore by 500mV (to 1.55V) to try Cold Boot: still fail.
still needs to pass by BIOS to boot, and then system totally ok.

so what is it that a cold boot requires that a warm boot doesn't?

and WHY it always stop at the window LOGO screen?
any insights?

The problem with cold boot happens with multiplier is 49+, and adding Vcore doesn't seem to fix the problem...
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  1. Firstly that is WAY TOO MUCH VOLTAGE for an ivy bridge. (1.35 MAX)

    Secondly, what storage is installed. If it is an SSD with a sandforce 2 controller these have known cold boot issues. Some are fixable with a firmware update.
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  3. thing is, there was no cold boot issue until very recently.
    I was working on this built, and was fine for 2-3 weeks
    then suddenly, on cold boot it always freezes at the window logo...

    almost as if it is trying to load something but fails.. unless not a cold boot....

    what can it be? right lead?
  4. check all your hardware(MOST of the time we miss things) you must find whether its an OS or bios/hardware issue. We need more info on your specs, OC'ing, what you changed prior to this happening
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