I need help on a $500 build

I want a good computer build for $550 or under. I don't need a monitor because I will be usuing a tv as my monitor but I want it to be shown through HDMI so the computer will need that I have almost no idea what I'm doing so I need major help on the build. I need it to be able to play games like ARMA 2 and diablo and the ability to play upcoming games. Please help me out thanks
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  1. Biggest thing here would be, what is your current setup. and are you willing to go AMD or Intel
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-pc-do-it-yourself-geforce-gtx-560,3216.html

    Here ya go. All good stuff. I would suggest basing your build off of this, but don't tweak too much. It will handle those games really well given your price range.
  3. I've heard intels better but truthfully I don't know this will be my first gaming computer I've always played Xbox but I was looking to branch out so what would you recommend?
  4. amd is awesome for gaming, I always heard that AMD is better for gaming then Intel
  5. Shockattackr said:
    amd is awesome for gaming, I always heard that AMD is better for gaming then Intel

    Not in the slightest, at least these days. In the past they were pretty good. AMD is really only good if you want a very cheap cpu or if you are able to mod core usage.
  6. Tom's has some good advice for parts on a budget.

    Best Gaming CPU's for the money July 2012 (updated monthly)
    Best Gaming GPU's for the money July 2012 (updated monthly)
    midrange Z77 Mobo's reviewed

    Use roadkill922's link as a basis and the links I gave to get an idea of what you want to do. Then post your basic build on the system builder forum for peer review. Users will also offer discounts and other ideas.
    Try to see if you live near a microcenter. It may save you a lot of money. Check out newegg's subscription deals, but be aware if they charge tax in your state.

    Also when you post, fill this out:
  7. Let's say I base it off this build
    What needs to be tweaked to maximize the performance?
  8. Big thing is I want it to play in 1080p
  9. Probably the best your gonna get, $531 Rig
  10. I like the look and everything but when I looked at the comments and reviews someone said that the fan can't handle it
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