Need a card, all those knowledgeable, please come in!

I have a Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard, Intel i5 2500k processor, 16GB@1600mhz RAM, Windows 7 64-bit OS

I bought an Creative X-fi Titanium soundcard awhile back and while the audio sounds good, when I plug in my Sennheiser HD 558 headphones, it sounds like crap. I've tried messing with the settings on the control panel, no luck. I'm surprised there's no program on the taskbar that handles it, too. Every other on-board sound that comes with every motherboard has one, but on this, I have to go to Programs to get to it.

So, I took out the soundcard and I'm now using the on-board VIA chipset on the motherboard and it sounds better when I plug in my headphones. I don't know what settings to use. It automatically detects headphones, but on the settings where you choose how many speakers you have, there's no headphones option. I had it on 2 speakers, but I think my headpohnes sound best when i choose 8 speakers.

Can you guys recommend me a soundcard that works well with headphones? And hopefully has the option of headphones, along with different number of speakers?
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  1. Well, I just ordered an Asus Xonar DX 7.1 from newegg
  2. Good choice for all around use. Be aware it requires a 4-pin connector to work properly. If you get the "card is not detected" when installing the drivers, fiddle with the power connector some more.
  3. yay! Newegg shows it as "shipped"

    Hopefully, it's from CA, so I'll be able to get it tomorrow
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