Uninstalled Video Card, missing in control panel

Hello, i would like to start off by saying thank you for your attention and care.

Specs: AMD Radeon HD 6550M, Windows 7 64 Bit Acer Aspire (laptop)

The problem first started when only a select few games of mine would work (Bioshock 2 and Civ 5) while others would not work.

I researched and thought that my video card driver may be the problem

I tried to update, but it told me that i was already updated.

I then uninstalled my driver then i restarted and the windows update reinstalled my driver, restarted again. No dice.

I search online and i find that there's a program called Driver Sweeper.

I then uninstall my driver, use driver sweeper to analyze my AMD Display and press Clean

I then restart and come back to find that there is a windows update and so i reinstall from the windows update then restart again. No dice once again.

Finally, i uninstall the driver, restart in safe mode then run the Driver Sweeper and analyze than clean again(this is what a guide told me to do) I knew at that time that i would have a clean video drive so i could install/update (hopefully) the new Radeon 6550 that would help my game work.

I search online and i look for drivers, but none of them work.

Exasperated, i try to go back to my previous settings where i still had my video card but now i cant because the control panel doesnt show any Video Adapter anymore.

The thing is that before when i uninstalled the driver, my Radeon would still show up with an exclamation point, one time i even remember rolling back the device and everything was good

Now i dont have any video adapter tab in my device manager, and when i look online for things to install to give me a driver they won't run because i dont have a video card.

Help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Forgot to add:

    I was wondering if i could just use a system restore to 3 days ago, before i did any of this uninstalling, driver sweeper thing that's crippling my system

    EDIT: Am i screwed? I just searched using search in Start "Video Card" and clicked "View the name of the card" and clicked "Advanced Settings"

    It showed in the Total Graphics Memory Available as <Unavailable> when it was 4000mb before i did this uninstall things

    My burning questions are

    did i actually destroy all traces of my video card? Will there be a way for my laptop to "see" that i have a video card and act on it?

    I've seen somethings about using a "BIOS", would using that help me?
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