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Will these specs for a gaming pc run together, also how could i improve, i have a budget of about £500-£600 :) btw i'm pretty new to this thing, like compatibility :)

Case -

monitor -

cooling -

graphics card -

hard drive -

ram -

motherboard -

optical drive -

software - windows 7

psu -

processor -**%C2%A310+AMD+Cashback!**+?productId=46818

This probably wont be compatible at all but can you tell me what to change to make it compatibl

Thanks :)
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  1. The parts are compatible, but what concerns me most is the PSU you have. I'd change it and get a quality PSU from trusted brands such as Antec, Silverstone, Seasonic, and Corsair.
  2. that there is perfect power supply, are you looking to overclock?

    I would change the processor and graphics card. After everything but the fans, processor, graphics card You have around £260, try to get an AMD phenom for £100 and spend £100-£150 on graphics card. You'll get much better FPS. The phenom II x4 processors are real quad core. The FX-4100 is a dual core with 4 logical cores, it's not a true quad core.
  3. might change the graphics card to a -
  4. Case - [...] -fans.html

    monitor - [...] _VGA_Black

    cooling - [...] ctId=50720

    graphics card - [...] l&istBid=t

    hard drive - [...] ctId=37726

    ram - [...] B004QBUL1C

    motherboard - [...] 091&sr=1-2

    optical drive - [...] ctId=46140

    software - windows 7

    psu - [...] --PSU.html

    processor - [...] lack?gps=1
  5. the 550 ti is good, however the 6850 is a VERY good graphics card for the money .you can pick it up for £100 on amazon. Really ncie fps check out the review.

    For some reason I can't see the link, can you tell me what components you are getting.
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