Nvidia nForce4 Network driver for windows 8

I install Windows 8 Pro on my PC now and I can't connect to internet!
I have Nvidia nForce4 Internet Controller card.
I tried install some drivers for windows seven but no success.
It always write "No internet access" and "Limited"
I can't find any driver's for Windows 8.
So can you help me what i should do with that? :o
Thanks for all answers.
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  1. what kind of motherboard or computer is it?
  2. MSI K8N NEO3 with AMD processor
  3. i know it. I tried install vista driver but it didn't work.
    I asked if somebody knows what i should do with it.
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  5. LAN Chipset: Marvell 88E1111 PHY
  6. Thanks for all answers. Marwell instalator installed that 88something driver and it works. Thanks! :bounce: :pt1cable:
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