Cpu temp suddenly ABSOLUTELY HIGH

My temps when i log into windows are idling at 50-53 celsius.....that is WAY too high......it was absolutely ok idling at 37-42 max half a month ago....i reaseated heatsink and reaplied thermal paste 2 times in a row and still the same....no dust in the fans( because i have corsair h80) my cpu is fx 8350 mb sabertooth r2 and if you want to know anythink else please comment below.....i would need your help pls.
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  1. Interesting, have you overclocked at all recently? Maybe put in a new GPU? Whats your air flow like?
  2. Methinks dust. Give it a cleanin'.
  3. there is no dust and i have an open side panel so airflow should not be a problem....no i havent overclocked.....everythink at default.....everythink was normal for about a week or 2 then it started.....i will try to reinstall windows some day and we shall see.....could be the cooler (h80) faulty or somethink?
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