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I have a Gateway DX4860 and need a graphics card. Which is better, a GTX550ti or Radeon 5770?
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  2. They both have similar performance. I'd go for the one which is cheaper.

    An alternative to GTX 550 Ti is GTX 460, which costs around the same but is around 20% faster.
  3. Which PSU do you have, the 300W or 500W? If the former, I would get a HD7750 which will be almost as powerful as the cards you listed, but use insignificant power and not need an auxiliary PCIE power cable (which you probably don't have). If you have the 500W PSU, which is apparently a much better unit, then either of the cards you list will be fine, but you could get something stronger too if you wished, like a HD7770, HD6850, or even a HD7850 (in ascending order of power).
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