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  1. The Phantom is great for that hardware, you'll have no problem at all. Besides if you put a 200 mm fan in the side the airflow to the GPU is going to decrease the temps a lot.

    The 820 is a lot for that hardware unless you're planning to do a custom water cooling setup.

    There's other great cases like cooler master HAF series like the HAF XM or the HAF X.
  2. Check out the the phantom, and the CM storm trooper. Also, look at the inwin dragon rider, aerocool x predator, and the bitfenix colossus. I love the design of the bitfenix.
  3. Get the Corsair 200R. It's CHEAP and has loaaads of space for long graphics cards , radiators and lots of expansion bays for SSD's , Hard-Drives etc. And space for cable management.

  4. thats a very nice case for the price, and yeah id go with that if u like the look of the case, has everything u need for overclocking space etc. and also i think installing watercooling also shouldnt be a problem.

    yes your pieces will fit :)
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