I thinking of investing in a GTX670. I was wondering, however, which card to buy...

ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II - Around £330


Save money and go for the Palit, EVGA, ZOTAC, MSI, etc..

I am thinking of overclocking, so if someone can point me to the best value gtx670.

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  1. Based on all the reviews I have seen, the Asus DirectCU II (and especially the Top version) is the best GTX 670 available.
    They have custom PCB's with better voltage regulation, software voltage control and an excellent custom cooler that is nearly silent.
    The Top edition is also factory overclocked high enough that it matches a GTX 680 for performance.
  2. The Asus DCII TOP version is *the* 670 to buy....TOP versions usually manage 30+% Overclocks and this is no exception (31%)
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