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Are there any problems in adding/installing additional SDRAM pc133 dimm on motherboards that have 66 or 100 bus speed with original dimm already installed.

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  1. Nope, PC133 is backwards compatible.

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  2. Theoretically, there is no difference. But some boards will be the odd ones out. Note that this is very rare.

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  3. hmmm I asked that same question a while back, and I was told that Yes the can be used together, but they will run @ the Slower RAM Speed....
  4. Yes you can mix them, and yes they will run at the slower speed. Sometimes, on older boards they may not work. Is that inconsistent?

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  5. Just continue running yoru bus speed at 66 or 100 (whatever it supports). The memory will run at the slower speed, but it will work.


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