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Bonjour to everybody,

Sorry for my french/english language.
The question is, if I build a new computer with a motherboard AsusP8Z77M and a Cpu i5 and DDR3 1600 will that works without any problem? Because looking thru the spécifications of the different possibilities of i5 (2500, 3450...) the Memory types is DDR3-1066/1333. My vendor has only 1600 either for the i5 or the i7. I'm prepare to pay for, but will it works?
Thank you for your reply.
A Belgian.
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  1. i5 3570k uses 1600mhz
  2. Yes, it will work.

    Can you provide links to the 3 parts? The motherboard, CPU and the RAM.
  3. Thank you for your replies.
    I checked the i5 and i7 3000 series, and they all have the facility DDR3 1333/1600.
    Therefore I will go for an i5 3550 or an i7 3770 which represents a cost increase of 87 euros. Which is the advantage to choice the i7 instead off i5? Maybe i7 is better for the futur Windows 8?
    On the other hand, as you recommended, I will choice the P8Z77-V-LE instead off the P8Z77-M.
    So the configuration will be: Asus P8Z77-V-LE, with the above i5 or i7 and DDR3 8Gb (2x4)Corsaire Vengeance 1600.
    The other pieces of the equipment are nearly similar to your proposed configuration.
    I will not use this computer for games but only for Office and mainly for videos made with the soft Pinnacle V14
    Thank you.
  4. If you do much heavy video editing, you will absolutely benefit from getting an i7 CPU over an i5. If you can afford it, that is.
  5. According to your replies, I will choice the i7. The difference with the i5 is in the range of 100 euros, which represents 20 euros per year on 5 years. Then with this CPU I will be able to run new coming softs during this period of time (such as W8, and other new versions).
    Thank you for all, and good Olympic games for the british fellows.
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