My First Build? What do you think?

Hi im new here and i basically just finished my build for a while. (As in not upgrading anythime soon lol :D ) Im just posting this to see what you guys think of my build and if you would have any changes made to it. Yes it is an AMD build so please try not to say upgrade to NVIDIA and Intel, But if you honestly cant control your self go for it. So heres my build!

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB DDR3 1333
Rosewill HIVE 750 Watt
AMD Phenom X4 Black Edition OC'ed to 4.0 GHZ
Corsair H60 Hydro Series
Western Digital Caviar Black
Gigabyte 990FXA UD3
Asus DRW optical drive
Rosewill 40in1 Card reader
Asus Blu-Ray drive
2x ADATA S10 series SSD's in RAID 0
Asus HD7850 2gb version (Link underneath) Probably going to XFire in the future.

Well that was the tower. ^ Heres the peripherals for the hell of it.
Microsoft Sidewinder X4
Cooler master Inferno gaming mouse
Asus monitor
Polk Audio RM6750 Black 5.1CH

Well thats about it. Tell me what you guys think this is my first build/ first post here and i want to know what you guys would do in the future. Thanks alot. :D
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  1. Drop down to 8GB ram at 1600 mhz (will run faster then 1333)

    Is the BE a 965?
  2. K thanks for that! and no its a 955 black edition Deneb. Stock clock 3.2GHZ
  3. if budget allows upgrade to a 965BE i loved that cpu to death for 2-3 years before i had a job and went intel
  4. Lol ok thanks for that is the upgrade a real big difference in performance? (i like the black edition i dont like the bulldozer series doesnt seem better.)
  5. its a 200 mhz difference, i know a friend that got his 955 up to 4ghz i think.
  6. Hmmm your right i think i might actually do that and just give my GF my old CPU for when i build her a computer. But if it helps at all mostly im going to be playing guild wars 2. Would that help? O and i know this is off topic but i wasnt getting very good framerates during the beta last weekend. I know its beta so it might change when the game releases but do you have any suggestions or opinions? And i forgot to add that its cooled by a Corsair H60.
  7. It should, I havent seen the Required Spec's for GW2 (i was a GW1 prohecies player before factions came out) as for framerate, yes you will notice a change, due to more people on screen
  8. Ok thanks. I might upgrade in the next couple of weeks or so. I need money lol.
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