Upcoming PC build Critique and Advice

Hey, I'm about to build my first pc within the next 2-3 months. I have done a fair amount of research and have compiled a list of components. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if you recommend something different. Also, I am on the fence between a gigabyte 7970 oc and a evga gtx 680 sc. However, the evga is 60 dollars more on newegg.
Anyways, let me know.

CPU: intel i7 3770k
Mobo: Asus p8z77 v-pro
GPU: Gigabyte 7970 oc or evga gtx680 oc
Ram: gskills ripjaws x series 8 gb
Storage: WD caviar black 1tb 7200rpm
Case: rose will blackhawk mid tower atx
Optical drive: asus Blu ray
Power supply: corsair tx650 v2
CPU cooler: CM hyper 212 evo

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  1. First why a i7? unless your doing HEAVY video editing and Auto cad an i5 is better
  2. if you are considering Gaming and some OC i would suggest i5 3570k with water cooler. (i use Antec Kuhler H20 920) yes i know IB has higher temps, i OC'ed mine to 4.4 ghz for everday use.
  3. I figured to get a 3770k just for future proofing. And is the hyper 212 Evo not enough if I won't be over locking the cou
  4. the Evo is fine if your not OCing thats what i Had before i bought the Water Cooler.

    your also wasting 100$ towards something else
  5. ^^+1.
    Pick the i5-3570k if you will not edit videos or what.
    For the GPU, pick the 7970 and save the money for SSD.
    You can OC 7970 and it will be faster/same with GTX 680.
  6. Ok thanks, I'll look into the 3570k thatll save me a considerable chunk of change. Quick question though, i thought the 3770k produces higher fps results in games thanthe i5. I could be wrong though. And Does everything else look alright? How far would you oc the 7970 with stability being the highest priority?
  7. No FPS changed in i5-i7.
    i7 is meant to serious video editing since it has HyperThreading.
    i5 is enough for serious gaming.

    7970 can overclock for almost faster than GTX 680.
    If you can afford GHz ed. It's already the same as the GTX 680.
    And, if you OC the GHz ed., fly! ;)

    Overall, that would be a nice build. :D
  8. Thanks. I think I'm gunna stick with the gigabyte 7970 oc though and maybe over clock a little bit, but not much. Any other recommendations? I also couldn't decide between ripjaws ram and corsair vengeance. Not aware of any differences between the two though.
  9. Pick the Ripjaws. Vengeance will have an issue with you CPU Cooler.
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