HP Pavilion DM4 won't power on

I have a 2 year old HP Pavilion dm4-1060us laptop. I opened it up to clean the fans and apply some new thermal paste. I have experience building computers and fixing laptops, so I was very careful.

When I went to turn the computer on again, it seemed like everything was booting okay (It got at least to the Windows screen), so I walked away. When I came back it had turned off. Now, when I hit the power button, the light for the ac adapter goes off and nothing happens.

Any suggestions? I tried removing the AC adapter and battery, holding the power button for 1 minute, and then trying it with just the adapter. Nothing.
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  1. Sounds like a bad AC adapter maybe. RadioShack will usually let you try one of theirs, at least the one i work at does. just be nice and pretend like you might actually buy it lol.
  2. I tired a different AC adapter. Still nothing.
  3. eesh, it could be anything. might be the power jack, might be something not hooked back up when you put it all back together. did the other adapter have the right voltage on it?
  4. Any way I can ensure that the mobo is not fried?
  5. IDK, but standard process for a hung laptop is to try reseting it. There is usually a procedure on teh website, but I usually pull the battery and the power cord and let it set a few mins to let the capacitors drain. sometimes that will get it working (the pwoer button is a soft switch, if teh code that checks for the momentary power button contact hangs then you need to power it all down.)

    Laptops hang when memory or a min-PCI-e adapter is loose in the socket (or when lack of ESD cables, etc fries memory or adapter). Remove your network card from socket -- boot? no. Pull your memory -- boot no. bummer

    good luck.
  6. I've tried reseating the memory and normal reset procedures. I am most interested in the light on the AC adapter going off when I push the on/off button. Any ideas on what that might indicate?
  7. Try removing the AC adapter and shorting it at the plug. Does the light go off? then I'd look for a short on your MB (screw hit something, thermal paste spread, etc.)
  8. The light is only on when the AC adapter is plugged in. How is the light supposed to stay on?
  9. dios_et_dios said:
    The light is only on when the AC adapter is plugged in. How is the light supposed to stay on?

    didn't know light was only on when plugged in. sry, suggestion was no help.
  10. Hi,
    I have exactly the same problem, did you manage to find a solution for it?
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