Looking for Dual WAN Router (Need Help Purchasing)


Since no one understood the previous question:

I am looking for a Router that is capable of handling two separate DSL lines (both lines are from the same company) along with providing a WiFi feature.

I keep seeing the small business Ciso router, but it does not support WiFi.

My intention is to gain more bandwidth with the use of this router. There are 'no' business needs, too. It's just to have more bandwidth, as I live in the middle of no where.
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  1. Eesh, tomshardware website is dead these days :/

    Guess Anandtech is where it's at now.
  2. you could use the Cisco router and another router configured as an AP (Access Point)

    or if you do not mind to spend money there is always a hardware firewall with wireless for about $700+

    or you could use the router of your choice that will support DD-WRT and follow this tutorial to convert one of the LAN ports into a second WAN port and then configure the router to do load balancing.


  3. Cisco Systems Cisco Small Business RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router
    Netgear ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall with SSL & IPSec VPN
    Billion BiPAC 7800 Dual WAN ADSL2+/Broadband Gigabit Firewall
    DrayTek Vigor 2820n Dual WAN/ADSL 2+ VPN Wireless-N Router
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