New cpu now wont boot HP 6710b laptop

The laptop was working well so I decided to pick up a new cpu for it. HP 6710b business edition. After some research I found the t9300 to be a good upgrade from my t7100. I bought a used chip. Before tearing it down I updated the bios from the HP website to F20. I installed the new CPU and it would not boot. It would turn on with a solid HDD light for 5 seconds then shut off. I reset the CMOS by holding the power button and removing the battery. After I did this the laptop will come on for 5 seconds as it did, shut off, then come back on by itself. I put back in the old CPU and it works fine. Any thoughts? Thanks

On a side note I noticed the CPU was missing a pin, but it looks like there was never one there just a little dot. I assume this is suppose to be like that.
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    If there is no corresponding hole on MB, it's just a dot.
    Have you bought said CPU on e-bay ?
    Does the new bios support the T9300 ?
    Does HP 6710B support the T9300 at ALL ?
  2. Well there is a hole on the motherboard side, and my t7100 had the pin there.
    Yea got it on ebay, I messaged him about bent pins and he refunded my money already.

    I think the bios supports it, I tried to read what the bios update was for but it didn't say anything about cpu's. But the motherboard does support it, and I know they came new with the t9300 already in them. I have the latest bios update.

    Yes it supports the t9300, according to a lot of write ups I read. Plus it came with the t9300 new on some of them.

    I think it may be the CPU if 1 pin missing will cause this. Like I stated before the t7100 wasn't missing that pin that the t9300 is. According to the intel info both the t7100 and t9300 had the same amount of pins.

    Do you think I am in the clear to order another one? If so is there any use for the broken cpu?
  3. I would not buy any electronics from e-bay !
    I have purchased a cooked (OC) cpu, was not DOA but unstable, before. I was not as lucky as you in getting my money back.
    Try Newegg or TigerDirect, PriceWatch or even Overstock, sometimes Amazon.
  4. Yep got a new one and it works 100%! Thanks!
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