dvd drive - udma66?

i'm thinking of putting my burner on the secondary channel by itself, with my ibm deskstar hdd as the master and a pioneer 16x dvd as the slave on my primary channel. will this setup slow my hdd down?? i'm not sure if the dvd is udma66.
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  1. It's most likely ATA33, which will slow your hard drive down. The speed would be liveable, though.

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  2. I would go out and by a cheap ATA/100 PCI controller card and allow your DVD and burner to be on seperate channels. Allowing you to have an upgrade path for your HD on it's own seperate IDE channel. In fact I would go ahead and get a RAID card for ultimate upgradability.
  3. >>It's most likely ATA33, which will slow your hard drive down. The speed would be liveable, though.<<

    Man I need a link that proves this.. because I keep reading it in posts and my hogwash meter keeps going off. I agree that you should isolate that CD-RW on it's own either by whatever means so that it doesn't have to pause and wait for data from a device that's sharing a channel with it.

    But that does not mean that if I have a device set at ATA100/66 and another on the same channel at ATA33 that the ATA100/66 device is clipped to ATA33 bandwidth. Any reads/loads I make from that ATA100/66 device will utilize that ATA100/66 bandwidth if it's capable. Granted all data trasfer between the ATA33 and ATA100/66 will be lessened but that would be the case regardless of where that ATA33 device was located.

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  4. The Pioneer DVD-116 is ATA/66. (DMA Mode 4). But if you are going to mix-n-match devices that are different speeds ... do it on the secondary channel ... not the primary. Keep your ATA/100 devices on the primary, and everything else on the secondary.

    The DVD-ROM should be the Secondary Master. You'll find this recommendation on the Pioneer site. Otherwise, you might have problems when doing firmware upgrades.

    If you put the DVD on the primary channel with the hard drive ... it <i>will</i> limit the bandwidth of the drive. Not a great deal, but some. No device on an IDE cable can run faster than the slowest device ... <i>and that's a fact.</i> Considering that the hard drive is still the biggest performance bottleneck in a modern system, why slow it down?

    I agree with Blessedman ... an ATA/100 card might be a good investment, especially since almost all IDE CD-RW's are ATA/33. I woudn't put an older burner on the same cable with the DVD unless it supports Burn-proof, or you'll have problems copying CD-to-CD. Coasters ... good for coffee cups; bad for data.

    And, of course ... RAID 0+1 is not only fast, but an excellent upgrade path. Think of what you could do with four matching hard drives, striped and mirrored!


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