Windows 7 Install problem

I just started to install windows 7 onto my Computer i have a usb keyboard plugged into the back of my atx thats the only way i can get into bios and now im getting an unexpected I/o error thats telling me something could be loose or faulty what do i do there is no safe modddddddddddd
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  1. Check all your connections, make sure your motherboard is on standoffs (for every screw) and make sure all your cards and dimms are inserted all the way. Make sure you unplug and turn off psu before doing this. After you unplug and turn off psu, hit power button a couple times to release power stored in capacitors.

    You supposed to have your keyboard plugged into back of computer, that's the way it works.
  2. do i tighten the motherboard all the way?
  3. tighten the motherboard?
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