Cant shutdown computer!!! please help

hey guys i just got my parts and built my computer everything is working perfectly except for the fact when i shutdown windows my actual pc does shutdown with it any idea how to fix???
i have the asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo if any other specs are needed please ask
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  1. Would holding down the power button work? Just saying. Also, what programs did you have running when you tried shutting down, and what OS are you using?
  2. Are you saying that when Win7 shuts down, the PC keeps running? Just the fans or is the CPU/board still active?
  3. Asrock does have the dehumidifier function, that would cause the fans to start running. It could be set to do it all the time, so when you "shut down" it actually just shuts down everything but the fans.
  4. i could shutdown through windows and the cpu will still fully be running i would have to manually hold the power button to shut it off
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