Single GTX 580 and Battlefield 3... worth going SLI?

My GTX 580 gets down to about 55 fps while playing BF3 on max settings. I really don't notice any lag during this time. I have it slightly OCd... 880mhz core clock, 1760 shader clock, 1994 memory clock at 1.075v.

I was going to add another 580 in SLI, but I wonder if I'll really see much difference playing BF3. Will it?
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  1. What resolution are you playing at?
  2. 1920 x 1080 on a Dell S2209W
  3. yes, you will see a massive difference.
    list your specs included with psu?
  4. as long as you are getting 40+ fps,i don't see a big reason to add another card.sure sli will boost performance but will also cause-
    more heat
    more noise
    more power consumption and other issues.
    i would suggest saving up now and upgrade later,580 is a pretty powerful card.
  5. Updated sig with system specs. No OC on the cpu, slight OC on the gpu.
  6. In Guru3D's game test suite, the stock 580 goes from 616 fps to 953 fps in SLI .... a 55% improvement.
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