470 upgrade over a 5770?

I have the opportunity to sell my Radeon 5770 for $60 and buy a gtx470 from a friend for $140 plus shipping. Is this worth it?

I currently play bf3 and I just sold my i3 and am buying an i5 2400.

My current gaming res is 1680x1050 and the 5770 can handle high settings around 30 fps on large maps although lately it has been stuttering during large fights which is the reason I wish to upgrade.
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  1. Again any advice would be appreciated
  2. Hmm.. any other options aside from the gtx470?

    I'm just not fond with the first-gen fermi cards due to their heat production and a not-so-stellar performance compared to their radeon counterparts.
  3. The GTX 480 uses 100 watts more power than a HD 5870, besides thee are many newer more efficient and up-to-date GPU options that are faster than both.
  4. Yes that is a great deal and an upgrade a 470 will still blow away anything in that price range.
  5. At that price, the 470 is a pretty sweet deal. Just make sure you have the power supply and the ventilation for the card, as they are known for sucking up power and getting really hot.
  6. @recon-uk: The radeons can't keep up with the heat? Absolutely.

    gtx470 is indeed an upgrade for the 5770. However, if it were me, I won't spend my cash buying first-gen fermi cards for less. I would directly go for the better ones (i.e. 2nd gen fermi gtx 500 series).
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