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Hello people!
i have an ati 5670 512 mb, a C2D 2.93ghz processor , 2 gb ram. i bought my card 2 years ago. It worked perfectly the first year but then i started to notice lag in games that previously worked perfectly on high specs like fifa 11, crysis, cod: mw and even the games that dont need require high specs like halo. i tried the lowest settings possible on all games but still there was lag. i havent played games for one whole year because of that . i've searched many forums relating to this problem but couldn't find a answer. i have reformatted my computer. cleaned my cpu. made sure i didnt have any virus .latest drivers. My power supply is 600w so it shouldn't be a problem. please help!
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  1. Halo? Really? That's for Xbox anyways, you probably will need a newer card. Before you buy one, try overclocking your components like CPU, GPU and RAM but overclock only IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING! Because you may burn some of your hardware, do some research about overclocking and then do it. If that doesn't work you might want to to start thinking of building a new PC because it seems like that wasn't the best gaming PC in 2010. I hope I helped you with your problem. :ange:
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