Graphics drivers wont install

Was wondering if anyone knew if the gtx 520 has had issues with installing its drivers on a vista system. 32 bit.
Specs are currently
Intel chip set ddr2 (2gigs of ram)
gtx 520
vista 32 bit
400 watt power supply (300 is what 520 recommends so should be good there)

Would so appreciate any help the community could give me.
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    Could you explain exactly what happens when you try and install the graphics drivers, and what version are you trying to install?

  2. OK I agree that was pretty lame explination wise. Nvidia says I have the latest drivers installed. 301.42 is the version installed. When I restart the computer it keeps trying to update window saying that it has found new hardware and continues to attempt to reinstall it. Hope this helps
  3. Bit weird

    I've not had this problem before, but here's a few things I would try:

    Uninstall the nvidia driver completely (From Control Panel > Programs and features) and let windows do its thing once you've rebooted.

    Try a different nVidia driver

    Update your motherboards BIOS if its not on the latest.
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