So, I just did first external build while following the newegg "how to build a computer" guide. When I boot up the system, I do not get a post beep, or the "disk boot failure" that Paul mentions. Instead, my monitor displays an ASrock UEFI setup utility screen. that shows:

UEFI Version : Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 P2.20
Processor Type : Intel i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
Processor Speed: 3300MHz
Microcode Update : 206A7/28
Cache Size : 6144KB
Total Memory : 8192MB with 64MB shared memory and 2mb GTT memory Dual-channel memory mode
DDR3_A1 : None
DDR3_A2 :4096MB (DDR3-1333)
DDR3_B1 : None
DDR3_B2 : 4096MB (DDR3-1333)

So what do you think? Is something wrong, or am I able to continue the build?
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  1. did you plug in a speaker to listen to the beep/

    otherwise it sounds fine since you got into the bios
  2. Yes, the speaker is plugged into the correct spot, thank you for your input.
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