Hyper 212 Evo compatibility

I'm looking to build a new machine with an i7 3770k, corsair carbide 500r case, and im caught between asus p8z77-v / p8z77-v pro and z77 sabertooth mobos.

Concerning the 212 evo, ive read that this is a pretty sizable hsf and that in some cases didnt fit into a specific tower or it covered memory slots on mobos.

Will the 212 evo fit in the carbide 500r case without interfering with the sidefan?

Will the 212 evo obstruct access to memory slots or anything else on the above listed mobos (of which I will be using all 4 slots)?

I should mention that i don't plan on overclocking the i7 3770k for awhile, if at all, but still want the option open if i decide to in the future. Also, i plan on using CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB DDR3 (4 x 4GB) Low Profile.

I was considering liquid cooling with h80 or h100 but some of the stories of leaks have turned me more towards the 212 evo.

One last question, will the 212 evo be sufficient cooling for the i7 3770k at normal speeds or with slight overclocking?

Any advice is appreciated :)
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  1. That case can for sure fit the Hyper 212. :sol:

    Also, it's plenty good enough to keep stable temps. If you do end up overclocking, just over clock by a few Ghz and see where your temps are sitting until you feel comfortable. :)

    And with the new Z77 boards the socket sits lower, so it shouldn't be conflicting with the side fan!
  2. After some consideration, I think I'm actually going to go with the Thor V2 case instead. I like the look of it better and the fact it comes with 3 larger fans. Its a full sized tower compared to the 500r mid size so I'm pretty sure the 212 evo will have no problem fitting inside. I also like that the Thor has the option to close the top vents whereas the 500r does not and I would get worried about a drink or soemthing spilling inside.
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