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I have an actiontec modem/router downstairs which is hooked up via ethernet to a desktop. upstairs I have a laptop sharing the internet connection via wireless connection through this same modem/router. I would like to add a 3rd computer...its much older running windows ME. This comuter doesnt have a wireless netword card....and i am wondering how to go about hooking it up to the internet...and running an ethernet cable to this computer from the modem/router is NOT an option...any suggestions....powerline maybe?
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  1. how about using a Asus RT-N12 with DD-WRT firmware as a bridge repeater which will allow you to connect your 3rd computer via network cable
  2. Why not just buy a wireless card for the other computer?
  3. buying a new wireless card is not a bad idea; however, it is not easy to find drivers that will support WPA or WPA2 and work with 98/ME.

    most of these old cards only supported WEP
  4. will a powerline work..where i can plug the ethernet cable from thde old computer into the powerline and at the other end downstairs..ethernet cable from the powerline to the modem/router?
  5. powerline could work and it should be fast enough for internet access; however, it might be slow if you intent to do file sharing.

    fastest speeds over two floors I have gotten from powerline are:

    200Mb device was 20Mb
    500Mb device was 35Mb
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