Is the T9500 intel processor any better

If I upgrade my T7250 intel processor to the T9500 would I be able to play current games?

I have a Dell Latitude D630 with 2 Gbs of RAM which I am upgrading to 4, and I'm using an external graphics card. My current processor runs 2.00 Ghz I have been told I need more to play current games such as Assassin's creed 3
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  1. Unfortunately no the T9500 is not sufficient, you will still struggle with most new games...

    Its simply to old...
  2. just out of curiosity... how are you running an external GPU on that machine? to my understanding that is only possible with thunderbolt and yet it is still bandwidth starved that way..
  3. Older laptops tend to have an ExpressCard slot, and there were external GPU enclosures made for that interface. Problem is they are at best the equivalent of PCI-E x1 version 1, so they will starve most decent graphics cards for bandwidth.

    Short answer, buy a new laptop or build a desktop if you want to game, you're not doing it on that laptop.
  4. Even if you could magically cram a new i7 into that laptop, it's still not going to have any kind of 3D acceleration required for a new game.
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