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Hey guys, i just finished up putting together my brand new build, and I was wondering two things.
1. What order should i install/update things? i assume OS instal goes first, but it could be MOBO cd for all i know!
2. I'm interested in overclocking the components in this comp, so i bought parts that are known for being good at it, but im unsure when/how to do this exactly, does anyone have any advice or know a guide?
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  1. what are the specs? did you ask for advice before buying because if it is your first time, there are usually mistales

    the OS cd is the OS cd that comes in a windows themed box. it doesnt come with the motherboard
  2. Yes i did extensive research haha, ill post the specs at the end of the message. sorry i was unclear, i know the OS cd isnt the one that came with the mobo, i meant either the OS cd or the mobo CD could be the first one to be installed because i was unsure :P

    Mobo- ASRock z77 extreme4 -
    PSU - Antec 620w-
    HDD - WD 1TB -
    RAM - Corsair 16gb -
    vid card - MSI r7850 twin frozr -
    CPU - intel core-i5 3570k -

    there are some other extra fans and optical drives and stuff, but i doubt they're important XD
  3. i see some things that you could have changed if you asked for advice

    1: i could have gotten a pc and power cooling mk3 600w psu for 59.99 and it would be the same or better

    2;i could have picked up a seagate barracuda 1tb 64mb cache hard drive for 77.99 and it would perform better. the caviar black does have a longer warranty

    3: sorry bro. you will have to buy one of corsair's water coolers or use only 2 sticks since 95% of heatsinks dont fit under the ram

    4:i would have gotten a asus 7850 but the msi is ok

    i doubt you can install the drivers before you threw in the OS but either way it should work
  4. I just used the newegg links for reference, i got the 620w for free and the WD HDD for $50 off a local store
    I have all 4 Ram sticks and my CM 212 installed fine, i had to adjust a bit but it works perfectly with good airflow.
    any advice on the original question though?
  5. ok then thats great

    i dont think that installing the drivers before hand would be much of a problem later on.
  6. Windows will install the default drivers for you. After that it's up to you to install the AMD drivers, it's fairly simple. Don't use the CD drivers for the graphics card. Always get them from AMD's online website.
    The CD ones are usually out of date.

    As for the MB drivers, they update those rarely depending on the company so the CD ones should be up to date. If not check your MB's website.
  7. Oh and when you install new drivers, lets say you have 12.6 (the latest currently) but 12.7 comes out. To have a clean install of the drivers and one that won't cause future issues. Check this guide out.

    Currently is doing some maintenance but usually it's that thread.
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